Wishing you a Very Merry….

circlea few random things that have happened on this glorious week of Christmas vacation:

MaM has been having fun with our wall hanging Nativity. Yesterday she announced, “I have put Baby Jesus in the nest!” and proceeded to sing Him a lullaby.

Early this month, MaM picked out huge Santa head placemats for herself and her brother. Jr now points to his placemat at mealtime and says, “oh Ho Ho Ho!” He has also straightened out many farm animals and noises in his head, so now he does more than roar down on the farm.

This past Saturday I had the chance to visit IRL with some Twitter Peeps, and we were all treated to some fabulous coffee for a fantastic cause.I ordered some Saturday afternoon, and it arrived today, Wednesday-just in time for Christmas morning (YUM). We tried several kinds, the Guatemalan was my personal favorite.

Also, I have a new post up on Grown in My Heart today–all about Advent and anticipation.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I love sharing bits and pieces of my family here and I love reading about yours. Enjoy the holiday weekend! I’m off to help MaM decide where she should put her note to Santa. You know, just in case she doesn’t wake up to visit with him……

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  1. WOW! I am SOOOO happy. I remember another time when listing the house was a possibility (or gosh, didn’t you even have a sign up at some point?) I’m happy it all went on hold so Jr. could join the fam! But am THRILLED that you are now gearing up and looking! It’s SO exciting! Not that I relish the thought of ever moving again, but the searching and dreaming is certainly fun!

    Can’t wait to hear updates along the way – If you’re lucky (or unlucky) you’ll get some real doozies of blog fodder after visiting some places with a realtor…….. I remeber the last time we looked. TWICE we walked in on people who WEREN”T supposed to be home when the house was being shown. Including being scared to death when a teen was still asleep in her bed while we were looking at her room… Freaky.

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