A Sunday To-Do List

I haven’t had a Sunday To-Do List since the last week of school in May. I can honestly say that I didn’t miss making one/completing one AT ALL (mine involves gathering items to send to daycare, making sure we’ve all got clean clothes and things for lunch, etc).

But even at age 35, the first day of school is kind of special, especially when I have a four year old to share the excitement with me. How excited is she for school to start?

Tonight I set out her clothes for tomorrow, and told her that as soon as she woke up, she could get dressed for school. I went downstairs to get her vitamins, and when I came back up, she was getting dressed. For school. It took a bit of talking to convince her that we had to go to sleep first, then it would be time to go to school. I’m not planning to sleep in my clothes tonight, but I am angling for a great day tomorrow!

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