It’s Like We Never Left…

So we have two days of school under our belts–me, my 13th (!?!?!) batch of students, and MAM, her second year of preschool, known as Pre-K in some circles. The beauty of Montessori is in the routine, the consistency, the predictibility…so after two days, it feels like really, we haven’t skipped a beat. Only MAM is not the youngest student anymore, and she doesn’t take a nap at school anymore. And of course there are new faces, and all of the familiar faces have grown at least 6 inches in our 10 week recess.

The teething monster I mentioned in my last post has yet to subside…the boy as FOUR TEETH poking through on the bottom, and FOUR TEETH poking through on top. Who cuts eight teeth at a time? Is that even legal? I am this close to calling MJ’s doctor to get some narcotic relief for the boy. And myself.

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    Awww your poor little guy! 8 teeth is really unfair! I hope MAM is enjoying school. With all the new faces, old faces, and so much learning. How exciting (and CRAZY) is August and September?!

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