The ABC’s of Me

Hello! Welcome! If you’ve found me via ICLW, I’m glad 😉
Last month I sort of jumped right in, this month I thought I’d introduce myself, using the alphabet.

A  Apples. I love to eat apples. Not so much a fan of the “apple theme” that seems to go along with being a teacher. No, really.
B Boy,I am mom to one boy, and boy is he different from my girl! The obsession with wheels and things that go seemed to happen shortly after he arrived home.
C Cake. Cookies. Candy. Chocolate.
D Domain name! I own my own domain! It’s all of about 1 month old, and only about two weeks live on the internet.
E Elephant, I was one for my tap-dance recital in kindergarten. I can still sing the song.
F Feet, size 10 feet, or small canoes, really.
G Gotchababy was actually a name generated by Blogger way back. I liked it, and it stuck.
H Hope. Is there anything without it?
I Ice cream, sweet, delicious ice cream.
J Jail, I’ve toured a few, but always as a visitor, never a resident.
K Kieran, That’s my hubby’s middle name. I LOVE that name.
L Little feet, we have two pairs of little feet running around our house. Man, can they run (well, one crawls, but he is fast)!
M is my absolute favorite letter of the alphabet. It was even before my initials were 3M.
N No, I feel like I say this constantly to the boy. He doesn’t seem to mind though–he just smiles and continues to go about his business!
O Octopus, sometimes I think I’d get more done with more arms.
P Pizza, hot, cheesy, melty thin-crust pizza.
Q Quiet. My house is hardly ever quiet. I relish it when it is…at least the first 30 minutes or so.
R Rice Milk, is my daughter’s drink of choice. I buy it a case at a time from Trader Joe’s.
S School is starting in one short month.
T Teacher. I am going to start my 13th year of teaching in one month. HOW did that happen?
U Upside. There’s an upside to just about everything. I work really hard to find it.
V Very. Very hungry, very busy, very tired, very content, very.
W Wings. A new game with my daughter, she likes to pretend she has them.
X Xrays.It seems like one of us is always getting x-rayed for something. Most recently, a chest x-ray for the boy’s cough.
Y Yellow. I love it when kids say, Lell-yow instead. I may have pronounced it that way so MAM would. No one can prove it though.
Z Zoo. I feel like my life is a zoo sometimes. A lot of it is of my own making.

6 Replies to “The ABC’s of Me”

  1. Happy Domain to You! This is very cool. (I’m a little jealous… but since I’m still Twitter-challenged, I’m probably not ready for a Big Girl Domain of my own.)

  2. I love your blog. Thank you for the summary of the books. Think I will avoid the dark one. I’m in the middle of a cycle and trying to be as positive as possible. I appreciate the review. Happy ICLW!

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