On the Road Again..

After two weeks of basically staying around town, we are off again. This weekend it’s a trip up to NW Indiana. We can do that trip in our sleep–the 3 hrs or so it takes (with pit stops), is not too big of a deal. In two¬† weeks though, we’ll be going on a much longer car trip–to the ocean. We are headed to MA to visit family and my college roommate. MAM is easy to occupy in the car–she’s got books and markers and movies and ponies and stickers and so on and so forth. The one I will need to occupy is the boy–at 13 months, he can’t really hold a crayon (unless he’s intent on eating it), and likes to throw most anything. We have a magna-doodle type thing for him, and a couple of musical toys…what else will occupy him (besides graham crackers and milk) for the 16 or so hour drive?!?!?

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  1. Wow, that’s exciting! Oooh, 16 hours… will he watch Baby Einstein? Will Megan watch it with him? We have some Baby Einstein that we can give you if you don’t have the same ones we do – the girls never watch it anymore – we’ve got an Elmo CD too! Kids’ music on the cd player? I’m trying to think what we did when Marissa was that little. You’re going to have to make quite a few stops, I’m guessing, to let him crawl around! Stash an extra blanket in the car to lay over the grass! Here’s hoping he gets soooooo sleepy that he sleeps off and on.

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