Return to Sullivans Island

There’s something about a Southern story. Maybe it’s the rambling old houses, the weather that always plays a part, or the Southern drawl that’s put in print, but there is definitely something about a Southern story.

I had never heard of Sullivans Island before, but oddly enough, while I was reading this book, the governor of South Carolina went on a little romp, and his wife made a statement….from Sullivans Island.
Return to Sullivans Island is actually a sequal, to, you guessed it, Sullivan’s Island. I’ve not read the first book, but have added it to my reading list. This books stands on it’s own, and I had no problem following the story line or characters.
The story opens with Beth, a recent college grad, coming “home” to Sullivans Island to babysit the rambling old family house. She is a bit resentful to put her life on hold, but does so that her mom can fulfill her own dream of going abroad. It wouldn’t be a summer novel without a little summer romance, and Beth falls for the dashingly handsome Max. She is eager to assert her independence and decision making, and the dashingly handsome Max clouds her judgement a bit. The story moves from there, and Beth matures as her summer develops.
Return to Sullivans Island is a good summer read, peppered with romance, coming of age and enough twists to keep you interested.
Thanks to Mother Talk for sending me a copy of the book for this blog tour!
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  1. I’m from there! I love reading her books because I know all the places, and yes, nothing is better than a good southern story! I have Sullivan’s Island, but IDK if I have read it…. Isle Of Palms is REALLLLLYYYYY good!

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