So, What Are YOU Reading??

I’m afraid I’ve outgrown a genre. I can no longer pick up books about twenty-something career girls who have a defunct love life, who want to be writers/editors/fashion desingers, who live in NYC, Chicago, LA or London, who have best friends who have their act together, who some how get inspired to do start being more affirmitative with themselves and then have Great Things Happen.

I just can’t.

Up until last summer, I still enjoyed those kinds of books. I grabbed two such pieces of chic-lit at the library last week, and about 50 pages into each, I lost interest.

SO. If you are over, say, 28 and are a fully-functioning grown up (or appear to be), tell me, what are you reading this summer???

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7 Replies to “So, What Are YOU Reading??”

  1. At the moment, fiction in my bag is:

    The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris. I loved another novel of hers, now a movie, Chocolat. I'd recommend both.

    More authors from the recommended contemporary women's list I picked up at the libe are:
    Elizabeth Berg
    Kate Jacobs
    Amy Tan

    Oops! The list must be in my wallet. Sorry – can't remember the others!

  2. I picked up a book called "Eiffel's Tower" at BN a few weeks ago and I am loving it. It is the story of how Eiffel built his tower for the 188? worlds fair in France and all the really other cool things and people that were going on at the same time. Very interesting to me most importantly not written like a history textbook. It was a very exciting time in the world and the feat of building this incredible tower against such odds–its just such an intersting read. (yeah, I'm a dork)

  3. I really like Jodi Picoult. Nicholas Sparks is always good beach reading, too. Just out of curiosity, have you tried googling "Mom Chick Lit"??

  4. I'm such a bore – I'm not one of those summer readers and I really don't like to read anything at all. Maybe it was all that law school that turned me off to reading….Anyway, I am re-reading an easy but life changing book "The Four Agreements"…that has really helped me to put up some necessary boundaries in my life.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I got a membrane sweep today so I'm hoping for progress soon!


  5. Here from ICLW…

    I don't read much fiction, but I just read a chick-lit book that's about those same career girls now in their 30s and having babies (or trying to), called Babyville. Maybe that will be more up your alley?

  6. I just finished all but the last of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The first is called Dead until Dark. They are easy reads and fun.

  7. I'm back from vacation and catching up on some older posts … and of course I had to comment here – this IS a question of books after all. 🙂

    My simplest answer is to browse my list of books I've reviewed and see if any catch your eye. I like to think I review a wide variety of genres (not usually including chick lit) so there has GOT to be something there that might interest you.

    Oh, and I've heard amazing things about author Elizabeth Center. My best friend (who is a mom as well) read her two books and LOVED them.

    Happy reading!

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