Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby Yogurt: a Review and a Giveaway


Junior has just celebrated his first birthday, and his palate is *slowly* expanding. I don’t remember introducing solids as being a big deal with MAM, but for Junior, it’s becoming a tedious process. He’s particular about texture (he prefers no texture really), he’s particular about taste, and he makes fantastic faces to let me know how he feels about a menu item.

When Stonyfield Farms contacted me about reviewing Yo Baby yogurt, I was happy to, for YoBaby was already on Junior’s daily approved menu. He’s a big fan of the YoBaby yogurt with fruit and cereal, and when I can’t find that, YoBaby yogurt with just fruit will do. We took the free coupons they sent and went right to the store!

This yogurt, I must say, is probably on his short list of self-approved foods–he is happy to eat spoonful after spoonful. After this pictured feeding, he actually picked up the yogurt cup and started licking it.

I am happy to feed him spoonful after spoonful because of how good it is for him (yes, he is one, and content to be spoon fed for the most part). For starters, it’s organic, whole-milk yogurt (My word, have you tasted whole-milk yogurt? So smooth, so creamy, it’s almost like dessert!). Secondly, when I read the label, I can actually read the label. I am able to identify the ingredients, and find many in my own pantry.

If you already serve YoBaby to your little ones, you may have noticed the new packaging. The new look goes together with their new BIG campaign– to promote Brain development by making the yogurt with whole milk, Immune system support by including zinc, and Growth by including vitamin D. The new packaging is also more environmentally friendly, saving tons of packaging from land fills each year.

Stonyfield Farm has put together a fun prize pack for one lucky reader. It includes 5 coupons for free YoBaby yogurt, a bowl with lid, and an organic bib for the YoBaby in your life. Isn’t it cute??

Simply leave me a comment–this time, tell me your favorite food of summer. Is it strawberries? Blueberries? Corn on the cob?? Do tell!

For extra entries, tweet about this giveaway, and tell me in a separate comment.

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Winner will be chosen on Saturday, June 27, sometime in the afternoon. Good luck!

7 Replies to “Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby Yogurt: a Review and a Giveaway”

  1. I love Stonyfield Farms yogurt. I'm looking forward to giving Yobaby to my little girl when she's old enough — I know she'll think it's delicious. The only thing I'm a little bit hesitant about is the sugar. But that's what makes it taste so good. 🙂


  2. Not really one food, but my favorite summer time meal is fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn on the cob! No meat, just a ton of veggies!

  3. We're BIG Yo Baby fans!!! Love the stuff….

    Two of my summer faves this week are: wilted lettuce (lettuce out of our garden!) and peach or mango sherbet….

  4. I love food in the summertime for the grill. Pretty much anything can go on the grill and I love it all – corn, barbecue chicken, pizza (grilled pizza is the new family fave).

    My favorite summer treat for the girls is currently Breyer's All Natural Fruit Bars. It's a popsicle without all the extra sugar and no artificial dyes.

  5. Organic raspberries! I can't make it all the way home from the market without eating the whole carton.

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