Diane Birch on a Sunday Morning

It’s hard to listen to an album all the way through at my house. Times where I am the actual dj driving the music selections are few and far between, and times where I actually get to do this long enough to enjoy a whole album are even slimmer.

Until Sunday morning. With the great Tonsillectomy Recovery of 2009 going on upstairs, MAM was MIA until almost noon yesterday. Jr, however, was up at his usual 6:30 am or so. He was more interested in his toys than the morning’s soundtrack, so I took the opportunity to fully imerse myself in the Diane Birch’s debut album, Bible Belt.
Oh my word. I do love this woman. I love the melodies (“Valentino” is oh-so-catchy, “Ariel” tells a great story). I love the piano. I love the lyrics. Who does she sound like? Names that are tossed around in her press coverage: Aretha, Carole King, Stevie Nicks, Amy Winehouse….are you compelled to check her out yet?? (Seriously, all those names, and more, come up) Don’t believe me? Click to hear Fire Escape.

Back to yesterday morning: I drank my coffee, I read the paper, I listened to adult music. Good start to the day indeed.

Thanks to the One2One Network for sending me the CD for this review–it is one I will be playing often. Want it for yourself? Click on my side bar, and not only will you be able to purchase Bible Belt, but $1 will be donated to the SOS Children’s Village, through a program called Discover & Donate. Does it get any better than this??

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