She’s over the popsicles

Thank you for your comments and emails regarding my little patient!! She has been quite the rock star about this whole thing–the procedure went well and she came through with flying colors. She was sucking on a popsicle before we even got back to the recovery room.

After 48 hours though, I have to say, she’s over the abundance of Flav-R-Ice. Over ice cream for breakfast. Over drinkable/tube yogurt whenever she wants. She’s no longer enamored with her new froggy straw cup. She’s sipping from her water bottle, but really only when we tell her to.

So we are encouraging sips as much as we can, and I’m trying to provide a variety of cold things. Each day she does have a little time off the couch, coloring. blowing bubbles or playing with cars, and that’s when I see sliver of the girl I know she is. I’m hoping those moments come more and more often this week. Til then, I’ll stand by, ice pops, applesauce, yogurt, juice box, and froggy cup in hand…..

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  1. AWWWWWWwww – It's so sad to see the wee ones under the weather like this! And to know someone caused it (those mean old doctors, not you!)… But think of what I hope are all the many, many sick-free months ahead! Next winter? Maybe no sore throats, strep, infections, ear goopy gobs… Not to mention, how much better she will surely sleep with an unobstructed airway!

    So – did you cry before, during or after the procedure? I think I would have a hard time being strong if I though he/she was in such pain!

  2. Breyers makes a fantastic fruit popsicle. I limit processed sugar and don't allow red dyes so this is our go-to frozen treat.

    I hope she is feeling better quickly!

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