Oh Where Oh Where Has My Baby Gone?

It seems like not so long ago, I was showing you the boy’s new Bugaloo shoes….fast forward 8 months and here’s a pair that will actually see some wear!! You can’t really see the design–they are puppy dogs–the boy isn’t much for posing these days. He’s more of an on-the-go sort of boy…at least until we strap him in somewhere. He’s partial to the swing at the moment. He’s is all about cruising the house and climbing the stairs these days. I’m very glad that these shoes have a brown sole–could a boy like this really have any other color for more than five minutes? (Photo above, 11.5 mos old, below at 4.5 mos old)

4 Replies to “Oh Where Oh Where Has My Baby Gone?”

  1. No, it does NOT seem possible! I haven't seen him since…August? He's still 100% adorable. And Happy Ice Cream Month. 🙂

  2. Oh.My.Goodness. I still picture him the way he looked as a chunky little baby last fall! He looks so much like MAM–so handsome!

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