Good Bye Tonsils…

12 hours from now, MAM’s size 4 tonsils should be long gone. I don’t know where they will be, but they will no longer be interfering with her sleep or her breathing.

If you’ve had your tonsils out–do you remember it? How old were you? If your child has had his/her tonsils out, how was the recovery??? Words of advice welcome too!!

3 Replies to “Good Bye Tonsils…”

  1. My sister had hers out at age 5 – she felt sick for a few days, but not really bad, mostly her throat hurt. Ice cream was her favorite treat at the time. She doesn't have any bad memories about it so I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

    Hope all goes well for MAM!

  2. Here's hoping her recovery and experience are as easy as my goddaughter's and niece's were.

    Give an update when you can!

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