Post 700: I heart the First Amendment

What, you say? I’ve had this blog for 4.5 yrs and I’m only on post 700?? Well, it’s not really 700. It’s more than that–I do periodically go back and delete old, random, irrelevant or incriminating posts now and again. But currently, this is my 700th post currently here.

Anyway, I just had a reality check I wanted to share.

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square–of that bloody, deadly, awful day. There are photos I remember seeing, photos of students, not much older than I was at the time, and photos of tanks moving in on them. I didn’t really understand it, or the politics of China. I still don’t know that I really do.

Twenty years later, the Chinese government has shut down Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail and Flickr in anticipation of its citizen possibly mentioning this upcoming anniversary,possibly trying to commemorate the day the communist Peoples Liberation Army moved in on protesters and killed an estimated 1,000+ countrymen.

Can you imagine living in a country that would a)shutdown the rowdy parts of the Internet and b)not permit it’s citizens to remember something of great importance?

Not being able to talk freely about say, Kent State or Hurricane Katrina, two examples off the top of my head where maybe the government didn’t work in the best interest of the people?

Can you imagine living in a country where the plug can be pulled on Twitter? Or on your own personal blog if you say too much or mention key words?

Just a little reality check. Back to my regularly scheduled program of kidlets, reviews, and ramblings in a bit……

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