A Montessori Kid’s Take on the Jewelry Store

So I did get a lovely gifty in a small, professionally wrapped box this weekend for Mother’s Day. MAM helped Daddy pick it out on Saturday (before the fever of the century attacked). After I opened it, we had the following conversation:
“MAM, did you go to the jewelry store with Daddy to get my present?”
“No. Not the jewelry store. Mama, we went inside the pink tower!”
(it’s hard to tell from the photo, but the building is bright pink)
I see the resemblence….don’t you?!?!?

5 Replies to “A Montessori Kid’s Take on the Jewelry Store”

  1. Oh wow – lucky you! Niiiiiiiice goin’ Dad! Hope you got him a nice graduation gift.

    How’s the little Monkey feeling?

  2. INSIDE THE PINK TOWER is very very funny! I will never look at the store again in the same way! Did you know instantly what she was talking about?

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