Happy Mother’s Day

To all moms, everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day!

Want to read more sweetness of the day? See what’s been published on Grown in My Heart this weekend.

Me, I’m enjoying a quiet morning. Don’t be too jealous–it started with a feverish girl and vomit. BgK is graduating today, after seven years of ridiculous schedules, hard work and sacrifice…..and I will be staying home with the feverish girl.

Because that’s what being a mom is all about. Even on Mother’s Day, even on graduation day….the feverish girl (or boy) always comes first.

3 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Huge bummer about the vomit but yes, that’s kind of a reality-based Mother’s Day, rather than, say, a pretend Mother’s Day! I’m so sorry! I hope that you get a much nicer Mother’s Day sometime when things slow down…. maybe after May 29th?

  2. Congrats to Mr MOm!!! I’m SOOOO glad for you that these school schedules are out of the way, and hope you have earned a reprieve for a bit before he goes back for the even higher degrees…

    Happy MOther’s Day!

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