Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Hallmark Card Giveaway

“Mom” Flowers Mother’s Day Greeting Card
Price: $3.49/card Inside message:

Today’s about you. It’s about sitting back and letting everyone else make you feel good. So do just that, Mom. And when you do, know deep down how very much you’re loved. Happy Mother’s Day

Card type: ‘Mom’ Flowers5x7 Folded Card
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and before you know it, Father’s Day will be around the corner. Are you ready? Cards picked out and ready to go? What? Not yet? I can help you with a giveaway–just read on!

I had the chance to check out many a fun Mother’s Day and Father’s Day card while I was visiting Hallmark a few weeks ago. There are recordable cards available for both holidays–and after the recordable cards were such a huge hit at Valentine’s day with my family, we will definitely be giving those to Grandma and Grandpa this year.

I was actually surprised by a recordable card at the end of the day at Hallmark, and having MAM’s voice in the card is just priceless. It sounds silly, but I play it in the evening, after she’s gone to bed, or sometimes during a particularly trying day as a mom, hearing that sweet, “I love you mom!” can bring me back from the edge. offers all kinds of options–from basic shopping online, to shopping online where Hallmark will personalize, stamp and send your card for the cost of the stamp. There are even cards you can completely customize-from adding your own photos to picking the song you’d like to have on the cards with sound. At this point in my life, it is much, much easier to check out the cards on line than it is to bring four sticky hands into my local Hallmark store.

The GIVEAWAY: You can win 2 recordable Mother’s and 2 recordable Father’s Day cards, along with some of the newly redesigned 99 cent cards, all for leaving comment telling me this:

Are you hoping for Breakfast in bed or out for Mother’s Day brunch on Mother’s Day this year?

The RULES: US and Canada addresses only
One entry comment per person (if you don’t answer the above question, your comment won’t count–please answer the question!)
Extra entries can be earned by Twittering or blogging (including a link) about this giveaway- – please leave separate comment telling me you’ve done so
Please be sure that you leave valid email in your comment for me to contact you
Comments will close Monday evening, say around 9PM EDT.

Thanks for playing!

**this giveaway is now closed**

13 Replies to “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Hallmark Card Giveaway”

  1. Ha!

    On Mother’s Day, I will be waking up in a tent. We’re going camping for the Morel Mushroom Festival in Mesick, MI. Breakfast will most likely be scrambled eggs on the campstove.

  2. Well, since my hubby is a restaurant manager, I am just hoping to have a chance to say hi to him that day. There will be no breakfast unless I handle it.

    (Besides he thinks it is a holiday generated by the media…)

  3. I’m spending Friday and Saturday with two girlfriends and Dave is leaving on Sunday afternoon so I would be perfectly happy with a trip to BOB EVANS!!!

  4. Well, breakfast in bed would be really nice, but I think I’d have to go cook it and bring it back to bed with me and share it with Reid!! 🙂

    Sounds terrible, but my best Mother’s day gift is to NOT be a mother for a series of hours in one day. Last year, I went and started with a mani, followed by a matinee, shopping for a swimsuit which I BOUGHT, adn then tanning before I was rushed home (“when are you gonna be home??”) to find Bryan’s whole family (unexpectedly) in my house waiting on me to get the grill started before the rain came and on and on. It was lovely while it lasted, and I want to do it again!

  5. I would LOVE breakfast in bed. It would be so sweet for my hubby and son to get up early and make breakfast for me…so much sweeter and memorable than going out.

    talonsmom731 at gmail dot com

  6. While the concept of breakfast in bed is sweet, I would much prefer to be left alone to sleep in! Sleeping in is a rare treat and having it interrupted even by the smell of pancakes and the sweet face of my daughter who lovingly made them isn’t the holiday I’m picturing. I’d much rather sleep late, but if she wants to make me lunch…

  7. Are you hoping for Breakfast in bed or out for Mother’s Day brunch on Mother’s Day this year?

    Out of bed haha

    cool contest

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