Miss Bossy Pants

Actual directions from my daughter today, “Mama, stop singing. The man in the radio doesn’t need your help. A boy is singing. Girls are not singing now!”

And so I’ve been schooled.

This week has just gone on and on….it feels like each day has been a week unto itself. Maybe because it’s still light out when it’s nearly 9pm? Maybe because the boy child is still eating .all.through.the.night.? Maybe because I know there are exactly 20 days of school left? Because I have something fun to do Friday night (Indigo Girls!), Saturday night (cooking club dinner!) and Sunday (Uppercase Living party) and really, I’m just counting down the hours….

If you haven’t already, check out my Hallmark Recordable Card Giveaway–I have three prizes to give away…right now, it looks like all who play will win! (come on, who can’t use a few greeting cards to send?)

2 Replies to “Miss Bossy Pants”

  1. Oh, the bossiness…

    “Mommy, stop bugging me, NOW”
    “Stop singing!”
    “I want…(insert anything and everything here)”
    “I DON’T want…(insert all the rest in here)”

    And the stomping to get a point across…SO dramatic!

  2. haha I love that she told you to stop singing! soo funny, my kids are going to hate me then! i always sing along!

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