NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! And actually real news to share

I know it sounds juvenile, but THERE’S NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! It’s going to be colder than I don’t even know what, so school has been cancelled. Whee! Four day weekend! Four day weekend!

***I am trying not to think of all of the families put in a bind because their kids suddenly don’t have school–juggling work schedules, appointments, etc….if Junior’s daycare suddenly closed on a day I was expecting to go to work, I’d be irked. But for whatever reason, it’s acceptable to do this in a school setting. And since I work for peanuts and seem to catch communicable diseases by the week at my place of employment, I am going to enjoy every minute of my bonus day.

But I will not remember January 15, 2009 as the night I cracked opened the Riesling as I got the text message that school was canceled for the next day.

JANUARY 15, 2009 is Junior’s Adoption Day!! After a nice family lunch with the grandparents, we all headed down to the City-County Building to make it official. MAM did a serious potty dance while we were in line to get through security (funny, unlike so many places, the courthouse is not filled with understanding patrons and staff who would let us through to the potty–we had to wait a loooonnnggg five minutes through the cue). Once we got upstairs though, it was smooth sailing. The judge (different from MAMs hearing) was lovely, our attorney is really nice, and well, it was easy the second time around. We answered some questions, and left with the official decree!

6 Replies to “NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! And actually real news to share”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! CONGRATS! Just goes to show you how out of touch I’ve been. I didn’t realize it was yesterday.

    How exciting! it’s all over! Whee!

  2. Congratulations on the Adoption Day. We mark our calendar for Julia’s Forever Family Day each April 16th. Fun to celebrate in a small family event.

  3. Well, hooray for all of you. What a wonderful event to celebrate; I’m sure in years to come, it will brighten some otherwise gloomy winter days!

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