A Cold Winter’s Night

As I sit here, the delays and closings have already started to scroll on the screen….10 hours before school will actually begin. It’s an odd phenomina here in central Indiana, schools delay because of cold. My Canadian co-worker doesn’t get it at all.

It stems from the dark early mornings, coupled with the time it takes to get the buses fired up, along with concerns of extended exposure for children out at the bus stop. Or that’s the claim. But really, if the high is supposed to be in the single-digits, does it matter if it’s 7 am or 9am? If you are waiting in the dark for the bus, does it matter if it’s 25 degrees or 2?

It is one the only spontaneous perks of being a teacher…”surprise! here’s an extra hour of sleep!” or “surprise! here’s the day off!”

We are in for the artic freeze, but it’s nothing compared to the upper-Midwest….they are officially colder than Alaska.

What does your thermometer read? Does your local school district delay/close for cold?

4 Replies to “A Cold Winter’s Night”

  1. Well, haven’t been here long enough to know about closing for cold…but they did close early one day for the THREAT of an ice storm.

    It’s a little trickier around here because of the windy roads and hills and stuff.

  2. Our schools tend to not react for a bad storm and then overreact for the next one. We received notice last night that we’d be closed today. Our high is forecasted for 5 going to -10 tonight and a high of 3 for tomorrow. Yippee!

  3. It always cracks me up when my car’s thermometer registers a negative, as it did this morning in -2 degrees on my way to work…

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