MedNotes can be a Life Saver

For the past two winters, I have been up to my ears in cough and cold season, as experienced by MAM. The endless trips to the doctor’s office, the follow up trip to the pharmacy, you know the drill. When dosing cold medicine, tylenol and ear drops, I made a big chart for the refrigerator, because I really couldn’t keep it all straight.

This winter, it seems like it’s my turn. Strep throat, pink eye (now on it’s second round! yippee!) currently concurrent with a wicked cold. It’s enough to overwhelm this super mom. The doctor this morning just smiled when I told her that I don’t usually get this sick this often–and she chalked it up to my lack of quality sleep. Thanks, doc.

Anyway, there is website to help with all of this medical mumbo-jumbo. has launched MedNotes, a place where you can keep your whole families medical information. Ideally, you’d always see the same doctor, and always go to the same pharmacy, but that doesn’t always happen. MedNotes helps you to organize everyone’s medications, allergies and treatment, so that everything is in one place. The index of drugs is expansive, and easy to understand.

Between the four of us, currently there are 5 maitenance medications, daily vitamins, and more. Having all of that information in one safe place gives me a piece of mind that in an emergency, I’d be able to retrieve what I needed in a few clicks. Go check it out for yourself!

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  1. SO sorry you’re so beyond under the weather!!! Hoping you’re feeling back to normal today. I think you probably have today off work, an dI hope that extra day of rest helps!

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