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As a teacher, I am always being asked for the titles of books for the preschool/kindergarten set. My answer is a fairly static one, given how many books there are in the world. Here’s the thing–I took Children’s Lit in college, in 1993. That, my friend, was a long time ago. Many, many, many new and fabulous books have been published since then, and I have only seen so many of them.

Enter a website brought to you by James Patterson. Yes, James Patterson the #1 best-selling author has created an incredibly comprehensive website for readers of all ages. You can search for books by age level, and then by genre with in each age group. There’s even a special section geared toward books that will appeal to boys of all ages. is a great resource for searching out good books when leisurely browsing the bookstore or local library isn’t really an option (toddlers in tow, anyone? anyone?). Each book listed contains all the information you will need to find it at the local library, or just click on one of the many booksellers listed to the right of each book listing.

Check out ReadKiddoRead and expand a child’s book collection today!
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2 Replies to “Read Kiddo Read”

  1. I wonder if also includes any kiddy lit. I’ve found several good recommendations. (I’m extremely immature; does that count?)

  2. Thank you for this link! I’m writing and teaching a bookclub curriculum for my PreK class this year and I’m thrilled to find new resources!

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