Only Five More Days…

Only five more days of school until the holiday break!!!

Here’s the thing: I like my job. The days (usually) fly by. It’s interesting. It’s rewarding.

But holy crap, I am exhausted.

This week, about five different people have asked me “How I do it?”. I have to laugh–the secret is? I don’t! Really, I don’t even come close.

Tuesday night BgK had to run into work for a bit, so he took Jr. with him. MAM and I? We sat on the couch. We ate frozen pizza for dinner (on said couch), and she watched a movie while I napped.

But every one is fed, everyone is clothed, and we aren’t living in filth. Clutter, yes, filth no. I take the time to play with the kiddos until bedtime, then do what I can when they go down (it typically consists of just getting everything ready for the next day).

Tomorrow will come, regardless of whether or not the toys are put away or the hallway is clear.

16 days of no lunchboxes, daycare bags, or 6am alarm clocks?? That’s the tomorrow I’m waiting for!

3 Replies to “Only Five More Days…”

  1. I get that “How do you do it” question a lot too. We have 5 school days left too and I cannot wait. These last two weeks before Christmas break are way too long. Merry Christmas.

  2. I’m counting down those five days, too. For the first time in years, we’re not even travelling over the holiday. I’m excited about two weeks at home.

  3. Enjoy your much-deserved R&R and don't worry about the clutter. Just make sure the kids know they shouldn't get up at 6am!

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