Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

When a three-year old climbs up on your lap and asks for a candy cane, just say,” A candy cane! What a great idea. Do you like candy canes?” and send her on her way (with a candy cane. Which is why she’s asking for one–she can see Mrs. Claus’ basket).

DO NOT suggest that she may like a doll. Once she agrees to a doll, don’t push her into being more specific…dolls are dolls in her world. Because the Dora Doll she asked you for at your suggestion? She already has upstairs.

Just enjoy the simplicity of the request of a candy cane. We are.

A Mom ( wondering if said three year old will really be expecting a non-wanted Dora doll this Christmas….)

3 Replies to “Dear Santa”

  1. AMEN! Emma’s 3 requests this year were candy, candy, and a candy cane. We haven’t even SEEN Santa yet…this is just what she truly wants.

  2. haha! The santa must be getting paid by the stores! I am suprised he didn’t shout out, ohhh that doll you can get at toys r us! haha

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