It’s also time to start shopping….

So yesterday I said we were going to put up our Christmas tree. We went to our friends’ house for dinner instead. So today we are officially “behind” on our Christmas to-do list. So far we are par for the course, I guess.

Anyway, something I always *try* to start early, but never seem to, is shopping for Christmas gifts. With 10 nieces and nephews, parents, siblings and in-laws, the shopping list is a long one. I usually enjoy shopping…..and I’ve learned the past few years that I really enjoy shopping in my pajamas, coffee in hand, on my couch.

That’s where comes in. is a comparison shopping site that is connected to over 2,000 merchants. The site is filled with tips and tools, and with just a few clicks, you can find what you are looking for, at the best price.

The site is super easy to use, even the first time through. There are helpful ways to guide your search–being economy minded, I like the “free shipping” and “coupons” links–they tell you which stores are featuring free shipping and coupons. There are also shopping guides for a wide range of topics, and ways to narrow down searches, all neatly displayed on the left of the screen. You can make your own “shop”, where you can add favorite shops, track purchases and get personalized recommendations. Many merchants participate in the OneCart feature, where you can add items from many stores into one simple order. For other stores, you leave and get transferred directly to the merchants website. The best part, of course, is not having to fight traffic or hectic crowds to get my family gifts they will love.

With, I may never have to get dressed to go Christmas shopping again!

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