Sweet Hope, one of three "little" adoption doses today

Some days, I don’t think about adoption much. Other days? It sort of takes over my brain. And other days? It sort of comes from different directions all at once. Today was one of those days. Three tidbits, all adoption related.

1) Our agency newsletter came today. They always have short adoption stories, and I always read them. This one started out with a girl name Heidi, who was planning on placing her infant, Josh, with the Kennedy family. She had placed her infant daughter three years earlier with the Kennedys (I’m thinking, “how weird!! did someone else at the agency do this recently too?!!!)….when Josh was born June 21….um hi. We’re the freakin’ Kennedys. Because our real name isn’t Irish Catholic enough (??!?!?) Anyway, it was neat to read a quick, sanitized version of our story in the newsletter. BgK wants to cut it out, and put a copy of it in Junior’s baby book, with a little note saying, “this is you!”

2) At dinner tonight, my good friend told me that his brother and his wife, after 3 rounds of failed IVF, are calling a local adoption attorney to start the domestic adoption process. This, of course, is a huge step. I, of course, told him to give them our number.

3) After all of this, I check my email, and there is an email from Beth, telling me all about Sweet Hope, a fundraiser run by her friend Elle, which raises money every year to help families adopt and to help orphans awaiting adoption. Elle hand makes scrumptious chocolate truffles, and the money she makes helps adoption causes near and dear to her heart. This year, it looks like the money raised will go to the children in the orphanages in Russia. How incredible is that?? Orders can be placed until November 28th, so check out Sweet Hope and order already. Also, if you post about Sweet Hope, leave a comment at Beth’s post–she’s got a giveaway going on to help get the word out!

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