Are you into hot teenage vampires??

I am. It all started with a curiosity…what was all that Facebook flair about?? I picked up Twilight through my library’s reserve system and haven’t looked back. The story line is amazing, the dialogue witty, and the descriptions pull you into the story.

And the movie? Is awesome. Which says a lot, because it’s a movie based on a book. And we all know how bad those can be. But this one? This one does a pretty good job of keeping the plot line the same and the important story elements in tact. And the special effects? Well, all of the fast driving, flying and running kind of make you kind of want to meet a vampire (a vegetarian one who dazzles in the sun and drives a fast car, of course). It was good enough to make my girlfriend who came with me want to read the book, and as I told her some of the plot that wasn’t conveyed in the movie, she was further entranced.

As an adult, I completely love the teen angst in the movie that is just so incredibiley teen. You can’t see past it while you’re in it, you can’t imagine anything but the moment you are in. I love the fact the co-dependcy is reciprocal–Edward can’t stay away from Bella anymore than she can stay away from him. I love that that fact is palpable in the movie. I love putting faces with the rest of the Cullens. I love the look on poor Jasper’s face during the whole dang movie.

When is New Moon hitting the big screen?

Are you a Twilight fan? Come on, you can tell me……

5 Replies to “Are you into hot teenage vampires??”

  1. I have funny feeling that it will be here before we know it–really. Maybe the better question is, when does Twilight come out on DVD?!?! And have you read the first chapter of Midnight Sun on Stephanie Meyer’s website. It’s pages and pages of Edward, Edward, Edward 🙂

  2. I consumed the books in a very short period of time and was depressed when I finished the series. The movie…not my favorite, but glad I went to see it. I always expect so much, but honestly other than Harry Potter movies I’ve always been disappointed seeing a movie after reading a book. I will go see all the movies though because I can’t get enough of Edward!

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