A Good Problem to Have, Sort of…

So today was the appointment at the allergist’s at the children’s hospital. Before we even got seen by the doctor, I understood why this is the hospital. Easy to navigate, pleasant, serene surroundings, friendly and helpful staff. And I started appreciating “the problem” we have, as we passed children with oxygen tanks, children with no hair, children with very obvious medical issues. We passed parents and grandparents looking stressed, anxious and exhausted. What’s a few oozing, gooey ear infections compared to that, in the grand scheme of things? 

The doc, of course, was wonderful and helpful. And had some interesting news. He interpreted MAM’s results a bit differently, and wanted to confirm what he thought was true. So they did the standard scratch test on the back…and guess what? 
She’s not allergic to anything. Let me type that again, slowly….
S h e’ s   n o t  a l l e r g i c   t o  a n y  t h i n g. 
Nada. Zip. Not a red mark on her back but the control. 
So he threw out a couple of other reasons fluids like to ooze out of her ear, and reiterated what the other doctors have told me–it’s good that it’s coming out. I get that, but would like to know why in the hell it’s in there in the first place. (GERD? Sinus structure issues? Reverse gravity inside her head? )
Upon telling BgK, he respectfully asked if we could go out to eat to celebrate. 
Here’s the thing–I’m hesitant to do so. If she’s not allergic to eggs, is it just a coincidence that she got a raging ear infection the week after she started eating them again?? If she starts eating all of the foods again, and she gets an ear infection, is related? If the cough that she had for 18 months suddenly comes back, what caused it?
I was hoping for some answers, but it looks like there are more questions…..

8 Replies to “A Good Problem to Have, Sort of…”

  1. I would be very, very hesitant too. What it means is she has no histamine reaction to foods.

    Lorelai’s scratch test was negative too, but it would take a team of doctors from all parts of the world to convince me to feed her gluten. We’ve had too many digestive responses to accidents for me to buy the coincidence theory.

  2. Exactly! We have a few more roads to explore before we start throwing caution to the wind and start eating pizza again.

  3. I am stunned! (as I know you are, too) And I don’t blame you at all for being hesitant. What’s the next step?

  4. RGG! Seriously? Yay! I mean, hmmmmm.

    Hopefully THE doctors can direct you to some other of THE doctors to get to the bottom of things!

  5. WHAT THE HECK???? Nothing? Nada? I don’t get it…. But I’m hopeful they’re correct!!! I guess time will tell…

  6. Proceed with caution, indeed. But on your behalf, I will do a little Happy Dance! It is essentially very good news; you just have to decide how/if it will affect all of you, and you can take some time educating yourself and getting info from the new doc before you rush into anything.

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