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For today’s installment of “How the Ear Goo Oozes”, let’s explore other sources of infected mucus, shall we?

The doc yesterday explained to me that one reason the body produces mucus is in response to GERD–acid burns, so the body produces mucus to lessen the burning effects. The foods that she’s been avoiding could be agrevating her stomache/esphagus, which would then cause excess mucus, which would then cause the sinus issues she’s been having.
Sometimes, with GERD, a chid may have trouble sleeping on a flat surface. A chronic cough may develop due to aspirating stomach acid. Ear infections happen with the pooling and festering of the excess mucus. A child may have a chronic sore throat or tummy ache or heart burn due to acid. A child may not have much of an appetite due to the tummy ache caused by acid.
Sound like anyone you’ve read about on this blog??
I called our GP today, and he prescribed Prevacid. It will take some time to see any difference, but I’m thinking that if this is problem, we might see an improvement in bedtime, in wake-up time (her need for rice milk 1st thing in the morning is intense. INTENSE I tell you), an increase in appetite….
Because she’s done OK with all of her alternative foods, she’s going to stay on them for the moment. If we see some improvements, we may introduce one of the foods we’ve currently eliminated. I don’t want to give her the green light on everything, and then have to take it away again (as she gets older, I’m sure it will get harder).
So, food allergy moms, I know who you are. Any moms of kiddos with GERD out there? Anyone???

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  1. i can’t help you with the GERD, but I’m SO glad I was eating when I read this post… 🙂
    Hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

  2. Man, that is HUGE!! If you can solve all problems with Prevacid, OMG, how that could change your lives! I hope I hope I hope.

  3. I’ve had a few friends with GERD.

    One friend has had some different issues w/ her little one and has had some success reducing the ear fluids with:

    Chiropracty and probiotics. Now their whole family is on a daily probiotic regimen. Adults as capsules. I’m not sure how the young kids take theirs.

    My sis eats Prevacid like candy….

  4. We’re not on exactly the same page, but I do have experience w/ Prevacid. Kiddo is on 2 15mg pills each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. He’s been on them for years as part of the battle against his eosinophilic esophagatis. What I CAN tell you is that when he misses a dose, we certainly know it – he gets a stomach ache, has a hard time falling asleep (because of the stomach pain), and sometimes also has a sore throat (from the acid – he is used to the Prevacid keeping his stomach acid at a much lower level).

    As for the food, here’s my 2 cents … don’t make any more changes, and keep her off whatever she’s off right now. Watch her over the next few weeks as her body adjusts to the Prevacid. If she shows a marked improvement, wait another week or two, then try adding things back in. Try one food for 2 weeks. Then take it away again (for at least a week). Look for any changes. Do the same with each food you want to put back in.

    Like I said, that’s just my 2 cents – I wish you all the best with whatever you try!

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