The Church has one more member…

People say Junior is a good baby. I’ve always agreed. Today, he took it to new levels. Today, he slept from 9pm-8am, so to be sure everyone was well rested for the baptism. He ate just before Mass, and slept the whole time in Grandpa’s arms. He was happy to get changed into his fancy clothes. He didn’t mind that I forgot his fancy socks (how did they get lost between last night and this morning? I have no idea). He woke up for the ceremony, and didn’t mind the oil or the holy water being poured on his head. When I say didn’t mind, I mean he was silent. Not a peep. He was happy to be passed around and around the room at the luncheon in his honor. He ate and hung out until it was time to clean up and go home. Easy breezy. 

It was fabulous to be surrounded by family and friends as Junior was welcomed into the Church. It was fabulous to have a fun party….and fabulous to have it catered by Qdoba. It was fabulous to have said catering delivered and set up for us. I would highly recommend it for any event–it was so easy and so yummy…….
The “big kids” at the party (aged 2-6) were hilarious–they ran around like crazy folk til they discovered the bowls of jelly beans, tacos and juice pouches. Then they recharged, and began running again. Hilarious and fun for all. 
October Checklist: Birthday-palooza weekend: done,  Baptism weekend: done, Next up: Wedding in Atlantic City! 

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  1. Fab was right! It was so great. He was the perfect angel! Every time I turned around at the lunch, someone else was holding him! I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE watching Grandpa with his grandkids. He’s awesome! He gets the biggest kick out of each and every one of them. He bragged and bragged on how good a baby Junior is!

    Things were wild and fun and yummy!!!

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