It’s time for all the comment leaving again…

Welcome if you are here due to the fabulously fun International Comment Leaving Week. I went back and read the little intro post I wrote at the end of May–on my first moments of summer vacation,and well, it is in need of some serious updating, so, if you haven’t been here before: 

Mostly, I blog about the mundane (and the funny, and the bizarre) that is my life as a preschool teacher, wife, and mom to two fabulous children. I blog about the ups (and sometimes the downs) of open adoption. I blog about the challenges of a food-allergic preschooler. I do the occassional review/product plug,  mostly through MomCentral, and mostly for things that I love or grow to love through a free sample or two.  
So welcome, I hope you poke around a little bit–this is so not my most inspired post. Leave a comment, let me know you were here, and I promise I will return the favor at some point this week!! 

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