Is this a national trend??

Have you been to Sears lately??? I went yesterday for the first time in a long time, and was tickled pink to walk smack-dab in the middle of a very crisp and clean Lands End “store”. It was a catalog come to life, I tell ya. Gorgeous stuff. Of course, none of it was on sale and no coupons were applicable, so really, for me, it was just a catalog come to life. 

I took the escalator upstairs to the baby section to do some returns and wow–it’s a good thing the downstairs looks so pretty. Because the upstairs? Looks like crap. They’ve crammed everything that was downstairs, upstairs. So welcome to the mens/childrens/baby/small appliance/larger women/lawn mower department. With two registers. Total. 
Does your Sears have similiar issues??? 

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  1. I have been to TWO Sears stores in the last year and yes, many of the changes are puzzling. Almost no employees; the few that are there can’t leave their registers. It looks like they’re preparing for another death knell.

  2. I always go to Sears to purchase Lands End stuff — either merchandise they carry there, or to place orders from their computer (because there are no shipping costs when you place the order from the store, and otherwise LE shipping can get expensive). But otherwise I stay far away from the rest of the store. Gross.

    Thanks for your ICLW comment!

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