A Day of Good News and Cheer

Today is always a happy day, because it is the one day of the year where I happen to know FOUR people celebrating birthdays—my mom, one of her best friends, a nephew and a brother-in-law.  So already, we were spreading birthday cheer via the phone and internet. 

Then, this afternoon, I got an exciting MMS message over the phone–a photo of a friend’s ultrasound!! Hello, and welcome to the world of parenting two, my friend!! While I was texting her back, hubby sent me a VM–his youngest brother just got engaged, and asked hubby to stand in as “the world’s oldest ring boy” (I think he meant bearer)! Double excitement. Then I came home and got an email–my good friend, LaCootina, has finally been admitted to the hospital for her StemCell Transplant. Good news? Well, you don’t want anyone you know to really have to have one, but if you have to have one, you want to get it going, and she was having all sorts of starts and stops.  So the fact that she is there tonight is a good thing. 
So….did you get good news today???

6 Replies to “A Day of Good News and Cheer”

  1. That is great news! What a wonderful day for all your family and friends! No good news here. But as my Mum says “No news is good news!”

  2. Congratulations on all your wonderful news! I got to sleep in to 8:00 this morning 🙂 (that’s reason to cheer around my house)

  3. No good news, so I’ll bask in the happines you’re celebrating! Congrats on all the announcements and your friend’s procedure!

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