Coming out of the Political Closet TT#14

NOT! Have you noticed the lack of politics on this blog? I have to say I’m more engaged in this election that I have been in a long time. Here are a few of my thoughts, favorite links and observation on the whole thing, keeping me busy as I make up my mind as to whom to believe :

1) The barriers that this election have broken down are historic, and will benefit the political environment in America for the rest of time. The fact that my daughter will have more opportunities because of Senator Clinton and Govenor Palin makes me happy. 
2) Does either one of them (or both) make you snicker, pull out your claws or judge? Consider this: when my great grandmother was my age, she couldn’t vote. Why? Because she was female. The fact that women have, in the past 90 years gone from not being able to vote to contending for the highest levels of elected office is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.
3) On the flip side, the SNL skit with the two of them? Made me laugh and laugh, and I’ve watched it over and over….
4) The amount of money both major-party candidates are spending makes me sick to my stomach. . 
5) The biased media (mostly biased toward the left) is ridiculous. The tone of some AP articles are so ridicuously slanted toward the Democratic party they may as well have been written as press releases by Obama’s staff. 
6) The advent of hulu and youtube make catching all of the speeches by all of the candidates so easy to watch–I’m hoping this year’s voters are more informed than ever. 
7) The amount of advertising in Indiana I think is unprecedented–is it possible the Hoosier state will go blue this year?
8) I’m appreciating the Indy Stars “Just the Facts” feature, which sifts through all of the mudslinging and attempts to get the facts straight.
9) I’m also appreciating –I find it’s set up unique and helpful in attempting to see both sides. 
10) To see John McCain’s Senate record, try this Washington Post link
11) To see the same info on Barack Obama, use this link.
12) Not many of the blogs I frequent have gone very political, and there are far more bloggers that I read than those I know IRL. To get to know you better, please take my poll of to the left.  
13) Both Obama’s website and  McCain’s give information on how to register to vote. If you haven’t yet, REGISTER ALREADY!! Depending on where you live, the deadline may be approaching to register in order to vote in this election!
What are your thoughts on this election “event” ?? No need to come out of the closet…I haven’t!

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  1. You make some EXCELLENT points in this post! I’ll be honest, there are blogs I’ve stopped subscribing to because they’ve gotten too political. More precisely, it’s because they are so totally in favor of their candidate and their posts are ridiculously biased toward that candidate and unrealistically critical of the opposition. I’ve read some really vehement and downright nasty posts lately. On the bright side, my Google Reader is (slightly) easier to get through since I dropped those blogs! ~LOL~

  2. Being a Canadian, I’ve been watching things from the sidelines. I agree, the whole election is history in the making.
    Happy T13!

  3. Good points, I agree this election people have no excuse not to be informed, both candidates have valid info all over the net. I love politics! Happy TT.

  4. Living in Europe I can only see this election “show” from outside. It doesn’t exist in any other country of the world.
    After a poll in European countries, there are 69 % of people for Obama and 26 % for McCain (who is considered as too old, too oldfashioned and too close to Bush’s politics, not to speak about Palin, she would have to fear for her life if she would live here !)

  5. My blog isn’t a political one I do write about them. It’s my first time blogging during a presidential election and would be pretty hard to ignore.

  6. Some good thoughts! Funny thing though, I find that the media can be too right wing.

    I can’t seem to not like Palin. Even though it seems that she is for everything I am against and against everything I am for; I really like her! Glad I don’t vote in this country!

    Good TT!

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