Not an auto-post: More info on the DANCE CONTEST

BgK and I have wrapped up the Orlando portion of our vacation and are now waiting for our flight to begin the “dance portion” in NYC. 

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the Move Dad Dance contest–if we find out for sure when he’ll be on, I promise to share. Otherwise, just keep a look out (or, you know, do a Google search) and tune in Saturday morning for the CBS morning news–we’ll be there from 7a-8a EST. 
P.S.  If your here from NCLM and wondering why I’m not commenting, well, see, I’ve been on vacation (could you tell or did the wonders of auto-post have you fooled?) and my spreadsheet is on the laptop we left at home (I could have made it portable, but didn’t)…so anyway, I promise, next week ya’ll will see a flurry of comments as I try to catch up. 

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  1. I hope you’re having a GREAT vacation! 🙂


    (BTW, you’re MUCH more organized than I am. I’m getting all my commenting in, but I’m just now starting to go through the NCLM list. Is that wrong of me?)

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