I got nothin’

So I’m on vacation. I was all jazzed when I read that Blogger now does auto posting–I could get posts all lined up for while I’m away. Yeah, right. So I’ve had a few posted. But now I’m ready to unplug and well, there’s not much to get you through the week here at Gotcha Baby.

So go outside! Go swim in the pool! Read a good book.

What do you do when you’re not on the Internet? Inquiring minds want to know.Well, I’ll want to know when I get back this weekend. So make it good. And when I get back, I promise to tell you all about Orlando and our trip to the dance contest in the big Apple!

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  1. Blogger does auto posting now? Hooray, I’m excited! I always want to do Mel’s Show and Tell Sundays, but Sunday is a tough day for me to get around to posting. (You know, I have to put my family above my computer one day a week.)

    Anyway, what are we doing this weekend? Buying clothes to accommodate all the baby fat I can’t seem to lose (translation: that I’m not doing anything to lose but hope it disappears anyway), and then packing up the house for a move. Yee HAW! Hope your trip is more exciting than that.

    Via NaComLeavMo.

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