The Skirtini

Last week I was able to do some fun summer time shopping, and I was able to find a bathing suit.

This summer I have upgraded to the Skirtini. I have always loved the tankini–they just make so much sense.

So the Skirtini…I must say, after a trial run at the pool, I love it. It covers some, um. problem areas, and when wearing it, I don’t feel like I need run for my cover up the minute I step out of the pool.

This may be the year that MAM upgrades to at least a tankini too–she’s soooo tall that the 4T swim suits aren’t quite long enough. Plus, I’m thinking a two piece would make the bathroom thing a bit easier.

Have you discovered the beauty of the tankini?

10 Replies to “The Skirtini”

  1. I love my tankini too! I don’t know if I could make the switch to a skirt though. Do you find that the skirt part floats up in the water?

  2. The tankini rules! Only I wish they had a long sleeved version since my arms are just a tad horrific! lol!

  3. Oh, the skirtini sounds like its right up my alley. Gone are the days of wishing I could wear a teeny bikini:)

  4. I have a tankini that I love. Two actually! (Of course my husband says they don’t show “enough.” Enough what, I am not sure… And like anyone else wants to see my “enough.”) I have thought about switching to the skirt. Maybe I will have to try it.

  5. adorable! i have tankini – i wear it sometimes but i don’t really like the way it clings to my stomach, maybe i don’t have the right one!!

  6. Live from Orlando—the skirt part doesn’t float up in the water, but you can’t really do the shorts-over-your-suit to the pool thing. BUT you can just put a tshirt on, because the skirt itself is so darn cute.

  7. This is a really cute swimsuit. The pattern is great, and the halter top is quite slimming. Enjoy your time at the pool! Visiting through NCLM.

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