So, are you keeping track?

Keeping track of all of the comments you’re leaving and returning every day of NaComLeaMo, that is?? I have to admit, I’ve geeked out on this one and I’m loving it. I’m definitely doing this for future carnivals and what-nots where there are a mass of blogs to sort through.

Basically, I’m employing the wonders (of which I really know very little of) of Excel. I copy and pasted the master list from the Stirrup Queen into a new spread sheet. Excel magically put each link in a cell for me, and when I click on it, it connects straight to the blog. Once I’ve commented, I just go back to the spread sheet and add the date. I might also add a comment to myself (blog topic, things in common, etc). This way, I can jump around on the list and not lose my place. ‘Cause things like that are important to me. (I often find myself controlling mundane things like this when my real life is filled with things I can’t control)

So tell me, are you keeping track of the comment-fest? What else do you keep track of that nobody else would ever–do you keep a book log? A running list of spices in the pantry? An alphabetized collection of DVDs or Cds? Come on, you can tell me…..

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  1. ha ha i have also created a excel spread sheet!! I was going for iron commentor, but was only able to get through them by today, so my goal is now to get through them twice! we will see.

    here from nacomleavmo

  2. Wow, you are FAR more organized than I am. I DO keep track of the books I read … that’s what my blog is all about. 🙂

  3. I was going to do the comment-fest, but I did not. Why? Because I am so darned lazy. Next time maybe…

    I laughed at your need to control the mundane things because I am much like you in that arena.

  4. No. I suck. I’m just trying to get the comments in – especially the reply back comments. Good for you for being organized. Nice to know that excel is so helpful with the links, though.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  5. I’m doing the same thing with the Excel sheet! It’s making keeping track so much easier, and I star the blogs that I know I want to go back to again, so that I can remember to add it to my reader!

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