So…here’s this weekend’s question

Forgive me for being personal…but, um, do you travel with KY in your carry-on? I’ve been checking the TSA website all week, sorting out what we can and can’t take on the plane. I usually check most things, but with our quick jaunt to NYC, I want to make sure we’re carry-on ready too.

The topic of formula, breastmilk, etc, is brought up a lot on the website, and even gel-filled bras are covered, along with medical implants, the hassle body-piercings may cause you if you choose not to remove….and I’m just wondering why KY is the first thing listed as an example in prescription/OTC examples, before eye drops and the what not. Or why it’s listed by brand name instead of “lubricant for medical purposes” (of which there are several).

Discuss amongst yourselves.

7 Replies to “So…here’s this weekend’s question”

  1. Heh. I say bring the maximum allowed, and a couple hundred condoms. Maybe in a big ziploc with… oven mitts, a truss and a ski mask.

  2. As long as the size restrictions are met, if I think I’ll need it then I’ll bring it. I may stuff it in the center of my Ziploc though… 🙂

    Visiting from NCLM

  3. Never traveled with it. My guess is that they’re concerned about mile hile clubbers: Just a guess.

    here via nclm

  4. Oh damn I am gonna have to say yes, and now just for the hell of it this summer, I will take some Toys to!!

    LOL Thanks for visiting me!!!

    p.s. I will be watching friday, and if they let us vote, I am SO voting for your DH!!!!

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