Must Love Dogs

My girl, MAM, she loves dogs. She loves the stuffed dogs Grandpa M brings her every time we visit. She loves the dogs we see on our daily bike rides. She loves the dogs of our friends. She loves dogs so much she’s asked for one for her birthday. She’s currently asleep with three stuffed dogs all around her.

I so do not love dogs. I mean, they are OK and all, but I so do not love them. I don’t need to pep them (MAM’s word for pet), I don’t need them to give me kisses, and I certainly don’t need one that I will have to walk on a daily basis.

But I just had to see if there was a dog out there that would fit my criteria–allergy friendly, non-dominating, non-attack dog, in need of just a walk or two a day….and there was. It’s a Schnoodle–the cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. Go figure. (pictured above)

I wonder if she’d be happy with a Lassie DVD for her birthday?!?!

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