Spring Break 2008

It’s finally here. I had to jump several hurdles (24 parent teacher conferences, anyone? anyone?) to get here, but I’m here now. No working for me til April 14th. No big plans, but that’s ok. We’re heading north to see family, and I’m hoping to hit the outlet mall for some wardrobe updating….rumor has it there is a new Croc outlet.

It’s been a weird long week, but I did learn two important things about red wine this week.

1) Red wine splashed in the eye STINGS like a mo-fo. Just pour vinegar for the sensation, it’s cheaper. Damn, that really did hurt.

2)Borax rocks the red wine stain–I threw my clothes immediately in the washer with Borax and let them soak, and then ran it through a wash cycle-good as new. I also got the stain out of the couch this way too (the couch is purple, so who knows really).

Other random thoughts–
*I am stunned that Democrats are actually campaigning in Indiana. Who knew that primary would last so long that Indiana might actually MATTER?!
*I am stunned at the third graders in GA who plotted to kill their teacher. Seriously, there is something very, very wrong in today’s word.
*MAM’s new thing when she passes gas is to say, “I gassed you!” (and the other day, she was sitting on my lap when I passed gas, and she said, “I get down! You gassed me mama!!”). It’s completely freaking hilarious. But we try not to let her know we think so.
*MAM’s still all about her frog boots. She almost missed dance class yesterday because she didn’t want to change into her slippers. Thankfully, she was able to be talked off the edge.

3 Replies to “Spring Break 2008”

  1. I’m with you on all of the above. I have three hours to spring break. It’s interesting to see my high school students getting excited about the election. Hillary, Bill, & Chelsea were just here, and Obama is rumored to be coming soon.

  2. I LOVE MAM:) I gassed you is going to be my new favorite saying. And I totally hear you on the elections! As a former Hoosier and current resident of KY, I’m thrilled that my vote will really count this year:) Did I know you were in IN? I’m not sure! I grew up in Warsaw which is wayyyyy up north. I love it up there.
    Happy Spring Break to you!! Make sure most of that red wine goes in your mouth:)

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