Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth

I got a 2 letters in the mail today out of the blue from our health insurance company. The first one stated that as of February 22, 2008 our family doctor will no longer be in our network. They suggest we find another provider. This makes me sad, we’ve been with this same practice since moving here in 1999. The office staff is friendly (one of them lives in our neighborhood and always says hi), the doctor is one who’ll make personal phone calls, his physician assistant calls to check up on us if we’ve been in for an ailment…we’ve been really happy there. And now, we must find someone else.

The second letter from the health insurance company stated that our Hospital (and their whole city-wide network) will no longer be in our network either. The hospital that’s across the street from MAM’s daycare, the hospital 6 minutes from our house, the hospital with the urgent care center we’ve frequented…yeah, that hospital. And now we must find a new hospital.

I’m sure there’s a cliche that covers the concept of complaining about something that isn’t exactly what you want but still isn’t all that bad. Because really, unless more hospitals in the area are jumping ship, we still have a lot to choose from. And, um, we have health insurance. I know a lot of people who would gladly take any part of what we’ve got. But it’s annoying to have to do research and figure out where we want to go and who we’d like to see.

And you know on February 23, probably one of us will be sick. So I’m going to go trolling the internet looking for a new doc now.

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  1. All this insurance crap just drives me batty! I hate it. yes, I’m glad I get discounts and have the insurance, but I guess the price we pay (other than the wad of money they remove from my paycheck each week) is not being able to choose whomever we want… Still, it irks me.

    Good luck on the hunt for a new doc!

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