Girl Mogul

This is the shirt I’d like to get for MAM, because really, it about sums it up. At two years old, it sums up her spunk, her tenanciousness, and her ability to bring grown ups to her beck and call. Just yesterday she prompting me as to what I should say.

MAM: “Mama, what you need MAM?”
Me: “MAM, what do you need?”
MAM: “My blanket.”

MAM: “Mama, what wrong MAM?”
Me: “MAM, what’s wrong?”
MAM: “My finga hurts.”

With such ease she guides the conversation to wherever she chooses. I can see her navigating presidential primaries and caucuses with ease.

She organizes her farm animals and train cars, and moves them across the living room floor in formation–moving troops across enemy lines is a skill she’s already developing.

Ok, really whether she aspires to be commander-in-chief is something I’m going to leave up to her. But the message that she could be the leader of the free world, or a brain surgeon, or a rocket scientist is one that I want to communicate to her, starting now.

Where does one find such t-shirts for girls? T-shirts that don’t promote lewdness, royalty or materialism? Check out Girl Mogul. This site is full of t-shirts that promote the cerebral interests of girls everywhere. Click on the t-shirt to see even more designs!

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  1. How cute is she? I love all the stories about what she’s saying. It makes me so excited for when Lily starts talking. 🙂

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