Chocolate Scented Soap Winner

Bree is the winner of the chocolate scented soap! I’m happy to say that sales have been good, so I have to make more soap this weekend before shipping it off to her! Thank you so much to everyone who offered prayers and wishes to my friend, and to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Also, here is the Etsy link:’s the same picture in my other SOAP posts here for the moment, but come Sunday there should be more to look at there. Please check it out! It turns out, elementary aged children really like the soap–I sold $42 worth today. One ten year old boy was jumping out of his skin he was so excited to buy it. Thinking it was intended for a special valentine, his mom asked what he was going to use it for and he happily replied, “I’m going to wash my pits with it!”. There are days I am glad that I have a girl!

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