Works for me Wednesday: Kids Clothes

We have been extremely blessed to receive scads of clothes for MAM. Between hand-me-downs and gifts, the girl has always had oodles of clothes to choose from on any given day. What I found though, was that putting shirts in one drawer and pants in another wasn’t really working for me. Instead, I’ve started putting her clothes in her drawers as ready-made outfits–a pair of pants wrapped around a coordinating shirt. It works beautifully–I do this as I fold the laundry anyway, and then in the wee-dark hours of the early morning, I can just grab a bundle and know that the girl shall be adequately dressed. I can mix and match different shirts and tops each time I do the laundry. Extra shirts and pants go in another drawer for the times when she needs to change one part but not the other. This really does work for me! Here’s a question though–thoughts on organizing socks?? Her sock drawer needs some help!

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  1. That is a GREAT idea! Especially since I am the one who does the laundry and my color blind husband is the one who gets Reid dressed in the dark every morning.

    About the PIF post–I would love to see what your gifties are, but alas, am too lazy to pay any handmade gifties of my own.

    About the meme–I’ll get on that eventually 🙂

    Stay warm!

  2. Yes, I like the outfit idea. I just bought an over the door 3 or 4 pocket hanger from Tar-zhay for A’s room. Thinking I could put ready-made outfits in there for the hubby. Right now, I usually grab one while I”m upstairs at night an d have it ready down in the bathroom where we dress the little dude in the morning.

    Socks? I just toss ’em in baskets. But it’s probably easier w/ a boy. less matching/prettiness to do, sockwise. I keep the every day (grey, white, sporty socks) in the downstairs cute fabric-lined basket in the bathroom and then the dress socks in the matching basket in his bedroom.

    Avon this month has some cute organizers on sale to put the outfits in there w/ the socks – or safety pin a pair to each outfit.

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