has it been a week already?

Where have a been? Have I fallen off the face of the bloggy earth? Sorta.

Where I’ve been since I last posted:

1) Work
2) Out shopping for shoes for MAM
3) Driving around looking at Christmas lights
4) Out to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse (they have a GF menu, which is a good start to feeding an allergic toddler)
5) To Cincinatti, OH, during the winter storm
6) To the Newport, KY aquarium
7) To see the show Blackout at the Alley Theatre (highly recommend)
8) To wrap presents for charity, and see more lights downtown
9) Christmas shopping. A lot of Christmas shopping.

No wonder there’s been no time to post or do a virtual tour for the holidaze. And why I’m so tired. No rest for the weary….

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  1. did you like the aquarium? we went a few years ago and loved the penguins. We were with friends and went over after a REds game. WE topped the night off with a long stay at the bar across the way that has all the cool video games and drank beer and played virtual bowling. One of the funnest (is that a word??) times EVER!

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