Playing Hooky

It’s official–I’m on fall break. It’s also official that I’m playing hooky from all responsibilities today (except for this here blog)…I’m currently sitting in a Panera, drinking my hazelnut drip coffee, waiting to meet a girlfriend to shop.

All guilt about dropping MAM off at her regularly scheduled gig left when I dropped her off this morning and there was a pet visiting. She was enamored, and didn’t notice when I left. She couldn’t have missed the visiting parakeet, could she? She got to see what she loves, I get to see what I love….

2 Replies to “Playing Hooky”

  1. In my 9 years of teaching…I have always felt guilty about being “irresponsible” with my time off. That is, until this year! Man, I am lovin’ the days off and I just do whatever I WANT to do rather than what I have to do.

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