Note to self:


I think that sums it up nicely. Those two pounds I lost over the past two weigh-ins? Back with a vengance. It snuck up on me–too much junk in a short time period=weight gain. It’s a simple equation. A burger and fries for lunch, pizza for dinner, birthday cake the next day, leftover birthday cake the next two days and topped off with an enchilada the following day is just NOT the key to successful weight loss.

Goal for this week? Lose one of those pesky pounds—AGAIN.

See how the rest of the Look Great in 2008 challengers are doing at Tales from the Scales!

3 Replies to “Note to self:”

  1. I think Beth talked about eating less crap, too. Were you guys eating crap together.

    And if so, why wasn’t I invited? LOL

  2. I am with you here. I think I need to join some sort of support group! I actually just wrote about this same thing this morning after being at a Halloween party last night where I shoved an enormous amount of food down my throat. All after finally losing the 10 pounds that I struggled for months. I dread the scale this week.

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