Saving the Earth… coffee cup at a time

I think my renewed interest in reducing, reusing and recycling comes from the fact that I have very little time to donate to worthy causes. This year, due to scheduling, I am not volunteering for the American Cancer Society or for the agency we adopted MAM through. I can’t justify volunteering for them on the one weeknight a week that the three of us can sit down and have dinner together.

So I’ve taken on the task of saving the earth instead. Little choices add up to big changes. Today I brought my own mug to Panera. I also brought a shopping bag to the mall, and promptly filled it with a few fun things for me and MAM.

I’m getting lots of ideas from Beth at Fake Plastic Fish, and today she’s put up a great comprehensive post about all of the things she’s doing to make a difference. It’s rather incredible. I’m not ready to make my own rice milk yet (I’m sure I’d have to give up blogging to find the time for that), but I am researching composters and I think that we may get one once we have a yard that is ours and not ruled by a cranky Home Owners Association.

As I was talking to my mom about some this, she mentioned that she thought it would take a few generations to get people used to the idea of being green–just like it took a few generations for people to get used to disposables. That got me thinking about my fantastic 94 year old grandma–the way she and my grandpa lived in their house set a great example. I remember a compost can under the kitchen sink, glass jars organizing everything, and NOTHING ever going to waste. It’s a side effect of growing up through the Great Depression and WWII, I’m sure. Just before she sold her house and moved into an assisted living apartment, my mom had to secretly go into her kitchen and throw away the styrofoam trays (from raw meat purchases) she was re-using (that is one thing that probably shouldn’t reused).

Anyway, I think I’m going to keep a tally of how many coffee cups I save by bringing my own, just see how much of a difference it will make.

4 Replies to “Saving the Earth… coffee cup at a time”

  1. Yay for bringing your own!

    Has anyone in a coffee shop so far given you a hassle about filling your own cup?

  2. That is so great. I have been trying to be more green as well but I have to admit it gets hard with two little ones and you are in a rush all the time. I will have to check out the list though for other ways to help out.

  3. No one has blinked an eye at my bringing a mug. I don’t always get the posted discount, but I’m not really doing it for the dime….

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