What do YOU do all day long….

I found this sort of meme/survey at …….and the rest is history. She found it at Boomerific, it’s an interesting look into everyone’s lives outside of the computer screen. Consider yourself tagged and leave a comment so I know where to read next!

What does a typical day look like at your house?

4am-BgK gets up, ready for the day and leaves for his very long day without a peep, I groggily roll over and mumble, “have a nice day” before going back to sleep
6:00am-I wake up, shower and get ready for the day–I get as close to ready to walking out the door as humanly possible before….
7:00am-MAM wakes up/I wake her up. She takes her morning cup of milk, I help her to get dressed, often bribing her one 5-minute “Little People” vignette to get her completely dressed and hair brushed. Depending on the day, we may or may not have time to play before leaving the house
7:30am–MAM and I leave the house, chatting or listening to music (currently, “The Philadelphia Chickens”) for the 6 minute drive to her day care. After dropping her off, I then switch on the radio for my 10 minute commute to work.

8am-3:30ish–I teach the Montessori thing, BgK texts me throughout the day–we swap funny stories, ask quick questions, etc. It often brings a smile to my face.

between 4-4:30pm–pick up MAM and go home to play and unwind from the day. Around 5:30pm we sit down for dinner–Mondays and Fridays Bgk joins us and we tag team the rest of the evening, TWR, it’s just me and my girl doing the following:

6-7:30pm–we continue to play, go for walks, run any needed errands, possibly have a dessert

7:30-8pm-Bath time!
8pm-8:30pm-Bed time

8:30-10pm–TV, laundry, dishes, packing lunches, getting everything set out by the door for the morning, blogging. phone calls, etc. BgK makes it home somewhere in between here on the nights he has class.

How do you divide up household responsibilities?

(I have tried to get rid of these italics, and they just won’t go away! Annoying.)
BgK does all things car, camera, computer related. I do most of the child care, all of the food procuring/preparing, we split laundry about 75-25 (me doing more), housecleaning gets done when one of us can’t stand it anymore–I do about 75% of the general house cleaning, and 90% of the bathroom cleaning. I do these things early in the morning, after MAM goes down or on the weekends. When BgK is home, I do try to run longer errands/grocery shop while he has one on one time with MAM. We alternate who gets up with her on the weekends so the other can sleep/lay in bed a little longer.

How do your ideals inform your choices? How do your choices fall short of them?

My ideal would really be to have more time for all three of us to be together. Labor Day weekend we had no agenda, and it was nice to just “be”. I am pretty much living the model I grew up with–Mom being in charge of the “second shift” at home, with Dad doing what he can when he’s home.

Do you have a secret weapon? If so, what is it?

We really do communicate a lot via text messaging, we also sit down on Sunday nights to plan out the week ahead, and update the Google calendar so we can keep everything straight.

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  1. I’m going to run w/ this meme when I get a chance. Just wanted to say – I’ve witnessed these text between these two lovebirds – Mich can get to laughing out loud! I love how it lets them feel close together during the days when they don’t get to see each other much.

    And I think they have an appointment scheduled on that Google calendar for the ZOOOOOOOO next week!

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