May Day Weight Loss Challenge week 18!

Ok, this is it. Today is the last weigh in for the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. I can’t believe it’s over, and honestly, I thought there WAS one more week (because I’m bad at math). So let’s review where the scale has been these past 18 weeks.

Beginning weight: 180 lbs (5/8/2007)
Lowest weight: 172.2 lbs (8/14/2007)
Today’s weight: 177 lbs (9/11/2007) seriously…..was it the deep fryer? the birthday cake? (did my birthday cake some how get deep fried??

overall loss: 3 lbs

left to go: 7lbs

what have I gained? (besides the same five pounds I keep losing and regaining?)
1. I now have a scale, and I weigh my self several times a week, if not daily
2. I am now more aware of how my eating affects my weight
3. I now know that I do have time to cook
4. Somehow, my clothes fit better. And even just yesterday someone commented on my weight loss (which has become less and less with each deep-fried meal)
5. If I was not doing this challenge, I know for a fact that I would weigh more than I do today, and for that, I am grateful.

Good thing there’s another challenge starting next week!

2 Replies to “May Day Weight Loss Challenge week 18!”

  1. I like how you did not just look at the number, but all the other great things that you have gained through the challenge. I look forward to talking with you at the next challenge!

  2. Haha, deep-fried birthday cake! What an awesome idea! I thought we had another week too, but I’m glad this challenge is over because my weight didn’t change at all — until today, when it went up 2 lbs. Dang. I didn’t even have anything deep-fried or cake-like this last week!! I like, too, how you’ve focused on several things — Living Well kind of things — and not just the number on the scale.

    I’m looking forward to a new challenge next week — and this time actually DOING something about it! See you there!

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